My varying surroundings, many extensive journeys, interesting creative people and all the wonders of this world inspire me and I integrate them into my art.

My whole life I try to follow my inner feelings and my heart. And because I'm a woman with a soulful and strong mindset, I see things from a special woman's point of view. I want to show people, and especially women, that they are all beautiful and good in the individually way they are.

Being creative in art also gives me the opportunity to express my heart and my thoughts to the outside world. Fantasy, impressions and experiences can be found in my artworks. Everything is evolving and I'm always looking for new inspirations.


My art is very diverse. I often try new things, like in real life.
Sometimes I like to draw precisely in detail and other times I let my emotions run free, which mostly results in abstract colorful works.

But I prefer to mix both techniques together. That creates wonderful effects.

Mainly I paint with acrylic in different variations.
And I also like to mix different types of paint, techniques and media.

I start my work with an idea and the process develops by itself when I paint.


Daniela Skerra

Kreativ Studio

Niendorfer Straße 21
23769 Fehmarn


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